Artist Statement

As an artist, I develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists. My artwork reveals that we are all connected to nature. Painting in oil and acrylic, my paintings illuminate the spiritual presence throughout all living things. My pieces are bridges that allow me to communicate of what it is to be human and to recognize who we are by contemplating the spirituality within ourselves. I think of my paintings as unfinished inventories of fragments that will later be constructed into digital pieces. They are improvisational sites but by using Adobe software, I will manipulate my artwork by exaggerating color and form to simulate the world around us, not as it is - but as we wish it to be. I am incorporating this into my artistic life as an extension to my practice. I draw and paint to explore and sketch out ideas for my finished digital artwork, such as animations.


For me, making art is about being human, particularly the things we all share. My work has been based on the purpose of communicating my emotions as I respond to the world around me through color and form. Color dances around my paintings lighting every feature with beauty; this reveals the divine in nature. I want to capture the image with colorful strokes, and with this, I want to give that society life once more. It’s designed to remind the viewers that they are in the presence of a work that is attempting to present something spiritual. Ironically, I will use the computer as the key tool to show this to my viewers.

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